About Us

The name King of the Pigs is translated from Rei dos Leitoes in Portuguese, which actually means King of the Piglets. The Rei dos Leitoes name first became popular in Bairrada, Portugal. Where the main focus was to roast piglets, making the region well known for its unique style, Leitao a Bairrada. Amongst the Portuguese people this is considered the best way to roast piglets. As immigrants moved to other countries they took that name and made their own version of Rei dos Leitoes, making it well know in other Portuguese communities around the world.

In 1992 our Rei dos Leitoes, first opened its doors in London Ontario. The Vieira family bought the restaurant in 2001 introducing it outside the Portuguese community, who then coined us as King of the Pigs. Soon the restaurant became well known in the city for their unique charcoal infused chicken and their very own signature sauces. Our version of Piri Piri sauce became a must have with any order. The main style of our cuisine is churrasqueira, meaning an open flame BBQ. Today we use hard wood charcoal as the only source of fuel for cooking chickens, giving it our unique flavours,

In 2009 we opened our second location in Cherry hill mall, naming it King of the Pigs, an already popular name with our customers. With the 2 locations the restaurant is becoming ever so popular in London and surrounding area. Taking us from a hidden gem to a well established staple.

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